10 Surprising Facts About Liberty University

10 Surprising Facts About Liberty University

Liberty University was founded in 1971 by Dr. Jerry Falwell, who originally wanted to call it Lynchburg Baptist College but later changed his mind to Liberty Baptist College before settling on the name Liberty University in 1977, it is the largest private, nonprofit university in the country, with more than 100,000 students and 7,000 staff members on its campus in Lynchburg, Virginia.


Liberty University, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, was later taken over by his son, Jerry Falwell Jr., who became president of the university after his father’s death in 2007.
If you’re looking to visit Liberty, here are 10 detailed information about the school’s MBA program that you might not know.


Why Does It Matter Where My MBA Is From?

Most people think of business schools in terms of prestige, but rankings actually play a very small role in choosing a school. For example, Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business is consistently ranked as one of America’s best institutions (18th on Forbes list in 2015), yet few applicants outside New England even know it exists.

The main factor in your decision should be where you can get into a strong academic program that matches your interests and career goals.

One strategy to help you evaluate business schools is to visit them for an Open House or information session. The quality of students and faculty you’ll meet there will likely provide more insight than any ranking will. What Makes A Great MBA Program?:

There are many different types of MBA programs available, including full-time programs with varying lengths, part-time programs designed for working professionals, executive MBA programs for mid-career professionals and online MBA programs. In addition to deciding which type of program is right for you, when researching MBA programs you should also look at factors such as cost, location and size.

If your goal is to obtain a job upon graduation from an elite institution then location might not matter much—but if you want to network with local businesses then location could be important. Other considerations include whether or not courses are taught by professors who have practical experience in their fields and how much flexibility each program offers in terms of scheduling classes around work or family obligations.

2) What Are the Most Popular Programs?

Liberty offers more than 100 majors and degree programs at its campus in Lynchburg, Va, which was founded in 1971 as Lynchburg Baptist College. Although Liberty’s programs are categorized into three distinct schools—
i. College of Arts & Sciences
ii. School of Business & Government, and
iii. School of Education

You don’t have to be part of a particular school to study your desired major. For example, most students enrolled in Liberty’s English or Art programs will be cross-enrolled with multiple colleges so they can also pursue minors and even majors from different schools. You’ll also find that majors require overlapping courses (like Spanish and French), allowing you to take classes from multiple disciplines. The result is a diverse student body where people frequently study alongside each other in ways that don’t typically happen at larger universities.

As for what Liberty students actually study? Well, it’s not just religion: Liberty has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s top 25 regional universities for 20 consecutive years because it offers an impressive range of academic opportunities across all areas of study. Popular majors include education, nursing, criminal justice/law enforcement administration, sports management/coaching and business administration.

And if you’re looking for a career path outside academia? Liberty was ranked No. 1 on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Christian Colleges because it provides graduates with numerous job opportunities in fields like government service, law enforcement and ministry work (including chaplaincy).

3) How Do I Know if Liberty’s Business School is Right for Me?

There are only three accredited business schools in Virginia, and Liberty is one of them. That being said, you have many options from which to choose.

The deciding factor should always be your happiness and success after graduation. There are lots of reputable sites that offer information on how to decide if a college or program is right for you, but we think it’s best to start with what really matters: deciding whether Liberty is right for you. If it is, then there’s no need to compare it to other colleges because those other colleges will provide equally valid experiences. If Liberty isn’t right for you, there’s no reason to spend time comparing and contrasting—just move on and focus on another school!

10 Secrets of the University Hospital Galway

Here are 10 things to consider when trying to determine if Liberty’s Business School is right for you.

1) Will Liberty fit into my budget?
2) What are my career goals?
3) What do I want out of life?
4) How do I envision myself spending my time outside of work?
5) Do I enjoy an urban or rural setting?

6) Is Liberty near family members who can help me transition into life as a student?
7) Does Liberty allow me to fulfill my spiritual obligations while pursuing my education?
8 ) Am I interested in working abroad or internationally at some point during my career?
9) Can I thrive academically in a Christian environment?
10) Are Liberty’s core values consistent with my own personal beliefs?

When answering these questions, don’t worry about comparing Liberty to other colleges. Just make sure it fits all of your criteria before making any final decisions.

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4) Getting In to Liberty’s Online MBA Program

Liberty’s online MBA program requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, so your undergraduate GPA will determine if you’re admitted.

The admissions committee also considers factors such as your work experience, professional recommendations and GMAT scores. Liberty’s online MBA program caters to adult learners; applicants must be at least 21 years old and have at least three years of relevant work experience.

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field, Liberty can award you a master of applied science in management via distance learning. Distance-learning students may complete an internship if they’re enrolled in courses during their time away from campus—they just need to let their professors know beforehand that they’ll be away for an extended period of time.

5) Does Liberty’s Business School Help You Get a Job?

It’s no secret that business school isn’t cheap, and most students end up racking up tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. In fact, some research suggests graduates who attend for-profit schools are more likely to have higher loan balances than their peers at public or private non-profit schools.

Does all that debt pay off? If you’re thinking about Liberty University’s online bachelor’s degree in business administration program (or any online degree), it might be helpful to know whether a diploma from Liberty can help you land a job. Here are 10 surprising facts about Liberty University:

1. Liberty has a solid reputation among employers: According to PayScale, which collects salary data from employees around the country, alumni of Liberty’s business school report earning an average mid-career salary of $98,000. That puts them ahead of alumni from other large universities such as Penn State ($92K) and Purdue ($91K).

2. Liberty is growing fast: The university was founded in 1971 with just 300 students enrolled in its first class; today it boasts more than 80,000 students on campus and another 100,000 studying online—making it one of the largest Christian universities in America.


3. Liberty is committed to serving military veterans: Liberty received a Military Friendly designation from G.I. Jobs magazine in 2013, 2014 and 2015 thanks to its policies supporting military service members and veterans.

4. Liberty’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., got his start as a business major: Before he became president of Liberty University in 2007, Falwell earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration there in 1984.

5. You don’t need work experience to get into Liberty’s MBA program: Students must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.5 and at least 30 credit hours under their belt before applying for admission into Liberty’s MBA program—but they don’t need any prior work experience to apply or gain acceptance into graduate studies there.

6. Liberty offers free tuition to many students: Liberty is one of a handful of colleges that offer free tuition to full-time, qualifying undergraduates through its Liberty Scholarship Program.

7. Liberty has been accredited by AACSB International since 1985: AACSB accreditation means that Liberty’s business programs meet international standards for quality education and training—and can help your resume stand out in a crowded field when it comes time to look for a new job after graduation.

8. Liberty is ranked No. 3 in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Graduate Business Programs rankings: Liberty also ranked third in Forbes’ list of America’s Best Colleges and fourth in Washington Monthly’s list of Best Bang for Your Buck Schools.

9. Liberty University operates four separate campuses: The main campus is located near Lynchburg, Virginia; two others are located near Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia; while a fourth location opened last year near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

10. Liberty is a member of NCAA Division I: Liberty competes in NCAA Division I athletics and sponsors 18 varsity sports, including football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball and Soccer.

Liberty University is one of The Princeton Review’s Best Value Colleges for 2016. The Princeton Review chose schools based on institutional data it collected from each school, as well as feedback from students and administrators. Factors included: academics, cost and financial aid, campus life, facilities and services, social life, and extracurriculars. #2 Best College for Veterans Liberty University is one of Military Times EDGE magazine’s top 150 best for Vets schools in 2016. Each school was scored based on their success in helping veterans succeed both academically and financially.

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6) Is There Any Reason Not to Apply to Liberty’s MBA Program?

It’s a great question. Most people think that Liberty is a Christian school with a lot of rules, but it’s actually a very free environment in many ways. There are no laws against same-sex marriage, sex outside of marriage, drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco (though it does not recommend doing any of these things). You will be exposed to different viewpoints, ideas and cultures than you’re used to and that can be difficult for some people.

But if you can handle it and understand what you’re getting into before signing up for Liberty, there’s absolutely no reason not to apply to our MBA program!

7) What Will My Financial Aid Package Look Like?

Here’s a good rule of thumb: take your total cost of attendance (including tuition, room and board, books and travel expenses) and multiply it by 1.5. If you get accepted to Liberty, that number is what you can expect as your financial aid package.

While there are scholarships available at every school, these need-based grants are really what make a Liberty education affordable. This means your monthly bill should never be more than $1,500—no matter where you live or how many hours you work per week. Plus, students who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to community service are rewarded with additional grant money for each hour they volunteer their time for a worthy cause—up to $2,000 a year!

And because they don’t have any graduate programs, you won’t have to worry about taking out loans for another degree. In fact, Liberty offers one of the lowest student debt loads in America. You can possibly graduate from Liberty debt free; you’ll also leave with savings to pay off your car loan or help start a small business.

8) What If I Have Credit Card Debt or Bad Credit?

There are several strategies for dealing with credit card debt, but they all boil down to a few main points: Pay off as much of your debt as you can afford immediately.

Create a detailed financial plan that includes saving at least 10% of your income each month and sticking to it. Work with a credit counselor who will help come up with additional strategies to help you rebuild your finances. If you have bad credit, create an action plan to rebuild your score over time by making small payments on old debts in order to demonstrate good credit behavior going forward.

(This is also important.) It might seem easier to ignore these problems until they go away on their own, but if you don’t take steps now, it’s only going to be harder later.

9) How Hard Is it to Get Into Other Schools After Graduating from Liberty’s Online MBA Program?

Liberty University’s online MBA program is offered through its fully accredited Business School. Students can earn a Master of Business Administration degree with concentrations in accounting, entrepreneurship, international business, or management at a time and place that suits them. So how hard is it to get into other schools after graduating from Liberty’s online MBA program? As it turns out, not very—in fact, Liberty grads are generally able to transfer their credits to other prestigious universities without difficulty. About 70 percent of Liberty students are said to have been able to do so at their first-choice school with ease.

However, each university has different requirements for transferring courses; you can reach out to the school to work with you to make sure your coursework meets your intended institution’s standards.

If you don’t know where you want to attend graduate school yet, you might as well cons Liberty’s programs leading to an M.S., M.A., and Ph.D., as well as an online undergraduate business degree program through its highly ranked School of Business Administration in Lynchburg, Virginia (near Roanoke).

10) Why Choose an Online MBA Instead of Attending a Traditional, On-Campus Program?

An online MBA is a great option for many students, especially if you have some business experience and need to continue working while pursuing your degree. If you’re going to earn an MBA, you may as well get one from an accredited school that is also respected in its field. Liberty Online Business School (also known as Liberty Global Business School) has been teaching thousands of students since 1997, and boasts online-only programs in several fields of study.

This means Liberty graduates are eligible to sit for licensing exams in their respective fields. For example, Liberty’s MBA program is accredited by AACSB and graduates can sit for the CPA exam in all 50 states.

In addition, Liberty offers three separate accounting programs: a BBA with an accounting concentration; a Master of Science in Accounting; and a Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting. Students who graduate with any of these three degrees are eligible to sit for either CPA or CIA exams depending on which program they complete.

You’ll have fun applying to this prestigious university, checkout the official website below:

Click Here for the Official University’s Website.


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