Iceland Visa For Africans | How to Apply and Requirements

Iceland visa for Africans– A traveler’s permission to enter Iceland is represented by a sticker or stamp in their passport. It enables the bearer to travel to Iceland and stay there temporarily.



Being African You may need to apply for an Iceland Schengen visa if you plan to visit the country and stay there for up to 90 days within six months. You must meet this requirement to enter the nation.


Depending on your reason for entering and length of stay, there are different types of visas for Iceland. These visas fall into the following categories:

Iceland Transit Visa.

If you only need to land in Iceland to board another aircraft or vessel to travel to a non-Schengen destination.

Iceland visitor and tourist visas.

If you need to visit Iceland for a brief period (up to 90 days), within the next six months. It is a short-stay visa for Iceland that enables travel across the entire Schengen region.

Business visa for Iceland.

For business travelers who will only be in Iceland for up to 90 days to attend conferences or meetings.

Iceland Cultural, Sports, and Religious event visa.

Iceland Medical Treatment Visa.

Iceland Long Stay Visa.

Iceland Digital Nomad Visa.


When should you apply for an Iceland visa?

You must initially apply on time to start the Iceland visa application process. Every embassy in the world has set a deadline by which applicants for visas must submit their applications. Since Iceland is a member of Schengen, the procedure is the same as it is for all other members.

Check the locations for Iceland visa applications

No visa applications are sent to the consulates and embassies of Iceland worldwide. Instead, Iceland has contracted with the embassies and consulates of other Schengen nations to handle visa admission and procession.

Complete the application for an Icelandic Schengen visa.

You can now take action after determining the type of visa you require and the location and timing of the application. Fill out the Iceland visa application form first.

Gather the required paperwork

Start assembling the necessary paperwork for a Schengen visa to Iceland one piece at a time. Ensure that they all adhere to the standards established by the Schengen authorities.


Schedule a Visa Appointment.

An appointment must be made in advance for the Iceland visa interview. Walk-in applications are not accepted by Iceland’s embassies and consulates.

Attend the Visa Interview

You and the consular officer/interviewer will meet during the visa interview. The consular officer will question you extensively about yourself and your intended trip during this interview. Throughout the interview, you will also hand the interviewer the necessary papers.

Pay the Iceland visa fee

A few variables will affect how much you have to pay for an Iceland visa. These include your age, the duration of your stay, and the reason for your entry.

You must pay a fee of €80 if you are an adult applying for a short-stay visa to Iceland. A reduced fee of €40 is required for children under the age of 12. While children under the age of six are exempt from the fee.

A long-stay visa for Iceland costs about €56.


How much bank balance is required for an Iceland visa?

bank statements attesting that you have at least 145 euros for each entry and about 29 euros for each day you intend to spend in Iceland.

Where can I apply for a visa to Iceland from South Africa?

For a stay of up to 90 days and touristic purposes, holders of South African passports may apply for a visa before arrival.


Africans generally need a Schengen visa to travel to Iceland and this article has provided the requirements of application and procedures of application for interested Africans.

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