Mauritius Visa For Nigerians 2023 | Requirements

Mauritius visa for Nigerians– On Africa’s east coast, the island of Mauritius is regarded as a small hidden gem. You can find anything you need on the island. The breathtaking Island of Mauritius should be visited for a variety of reasons, including its stunning beaches, warm people, lovely surroundings, reasonable costs, and mouthwatering cuisine.



1. At the time of entry into Mauritius, prospective visitors must have a passport that is valid for at least six months. At least one blank page in the passport must be available for stamping visas.

2. Visitors must have a return or onward ticket as well as documentation showing they have enough money to spend during their stay in Mauritius.

3. Additionally needed is confirmation of their lodging while visiting Mauritius.

4. Before entering the country, Nigerians must declare any amounts exceeding MUR 500,000 or the equivalent in foreign currencies that they intend to import or export in the local currency (Mauritian Rupee).

5. Any international airport in Nigeria can be used to travel to Mauritius.

6. There is no official language in the multilingual nation of Mauritius.

7. Hinduism is the main religion in Mauritius, where about half of the population adheres to it. Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam are among the other religions practiced in the nation.


There are three ways to apply for a visa to Mauritius:


1. visas on arrival 

2. At the Mauritius embassy or consulate.

3. Register online.


  • Important paperwork is required for a Nigerian visiting Mauritius.
  • You must have a current international passport that includes all of your pertinent biodata and a photo.
  • Passport-sized photos measuring 35mm–40mm in width and 45–50mm in height are required.
  • a letter of recommendation from your employer or school in Nigeria
  • Additionally required is a current health certificate. evidence of a return ticket,
  • It is a requirement for obtaining a visa if you are visiting Mauritius for either business or pleasure to show proof of your hotel reservations.
  • Evidence that you have the money and basic travel allowance necessary to cover your expenses during your stay in Mauritius


Do Nigerians need a visa for Mauritius?

Nigerian citizens need a visa to enter Mauritius. Please get in touch with the closest Mauritius embassy for more information. Hold a valid passport or other recognized travel document with an expiration date that is past the date of stay to enter Mauritius.

How much is the visa from Nigeria to Mauritius?

Nigerian citizens can visit Mauritius without a visa. Your international passport will be stamped when you arrive at the airport in Mauritius, granting you a 14-day visa-free stay.

How much is the flight from Nigeria to Mauritius in Naira?

We’ve compiled online flight price information for flights from Lagos to Mauritius and calculated the average flight price to be NGN544,881.

Is there a direct flight from Nigeria to Mauritius?

Emirates, Turkish Airlines, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and Qatar Airways are currently the only airlines offering flights between Lagos and Mauritius Island


Mauritius is a small country with a good environment and citizens of Nigeria do not necessarily need a visa before entering Mauritius but will have to apply for a visa on getting to the country.

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